Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cordial Response to a Chronic Office Politics

Hi, Sir.

Thank you for your generosity in giving me the updates that I here below found relief in informing the requestors. I waited one month from 'PP' to respond to my cordial requests for status.

This is one month delayed without forecast, although it's not my TAT, overall we are answerable. Thus, I asked permission from you to get updates from the programmers and directly provide them my support should they have questions with my evaluation. You granted my request. So I approached them and obliged myself to ask them if they understand the requests and provide answers as I deemed necessary. They listened very intently and asked me a couple of questions. I had the impression that they do not completely understand the requests, but with constant and patient guidance, the project will pick up momentum.

In the middle of my discussion with your appointed programmers, I was approached by 'LL' and 'PP' that I am 'meddling with their department's mandates and affairs'. They asked me to leave the room even I have permission from you to 'interfere as necessary' as they are on top of the situation. I am not sure if he is aware that the programmer and the web designer do not even have a copy of the SMPR and the screenshots.

As I left the room defeated, I leave the situation up to you. I just hope this project will be completed in two weeks as you committed.


Sun Sison

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