Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bringing Order to an Existing Chaos


Let's systematize the installation of Karspersky. We are talking about hundreds of computers here, and so it is easy to get confused and miss.

Installation will be "one Engineer per branch" to avoid confusion as to which computer of which branch is already done by who. If you decide to take one branch, all computers in that branch are yours. On RT, you are to create "one RT ticket per branch", and the subject shall be "Karspersky AV Installation - ". All tickets shall be created under the Network::Projects queue. To know which branch is already taken, please ask Tina who will keep the master list (to be submitted to Martin). As to how you compute the Time Worked, just simply be honest. And don't dilly-dally, there is a way to be sure!



Note: With the help of the software's own automated installation, the project progressed fairly fast. And the tracking of completed branches, were smooth and swift. The department was commended for being systematic.

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