Friday, February 1, 2008

A Network Outage


Good evening.

We recently encountered again a network outage in the South Station LAN affecting the Drugstore and Bank ATM. As you are aware, we conducted troubleshooting a couple of weeks ago when the said LAN went up and down for a period lasting to 1 month. We cited several causes including bad in-house termination at the TTC, device port hang-ups, and unplugged RJ-45.

The most recent outage, which was restored only this afternoon, was found to be caused by unplugged RJ-45 connector again. The RJ-45 connector, which by design and purpose has a lock mechanism to keep it in place inside an RJ-45 port, might have been unplugged purposely or accidentally. We do not discount other possibilities, but the network was restored immediately upon inserting the said unplugged cable back to its place. The said outage lasted for 1 week.

In this connection, I’d like to seek help from your good office to kindly make inquiries or cascade information to ensure that the said cable is kept in place.

Thank you very much for the usual quick assistance and warm accommodation.

Yours truly,


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