Monday, November 10, 2008

Against Credit-grabbing


In your hands, my obsessive and zealous fellow Engineer is the momentous issue of disrepute – to infuse the absence of many to emphasize your presence.

I would not admonish you if you wanted to report the progress of the project due to your efforts, but in so doing what your words otherwise emphasized discredited many people who have been here long before you came.

I’d like to tell you, and you should know by now, the people you subjected to shame and degradation have sacrificed much in the past in order to get the same achievement that you now appear so insatiable of.

I originally have known you as a very talented and promising person, but even if your desire is truly for the good of the department, remember that the end does not justify the means. If you choose to insist the faults of other people, even if there truly was, how you say it truly reflects your own.

I will not further assail you as no one has, but I shall ask you to apologize to those people from whom you have offended, and give them back the respect that they hardly could earn through the years.



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