Friday, November 7, 2008

Letter of Intent - Transfer to Another Department

To my leaders in the IT Group,

It is with humility and optimism I convey my most profound intention to navigate away from my present department and field of expertise, network engineering and operations, to try a new field of interest which, it seems, the last few years of my profession have – by choice and circumstance – helped bring out an old endowment and increased inclination at – process analysis, project management, standards and compliance, organization, and writing.

Looking confidently ahead, I realize that this combination of skills and interest can be better employed and appreciated in a group where their use or practice is part of its main objective, and therefore, of primary importance. I thought that when the results of one’s work are measured as an essential part of a fixed, clearly identified deliverables and well-defined purpose of the group he belongs, all efforts are more worthwhile, and nothing is wasted. Thus, as the potential is being cultivated and polished, every output is always seen as a contribution, or at least a part of.

In my present department, my role as a junior officer for the last 2 years have been more of what engineers or technical people normally don’t like to do – or so they say. With that I became – as I interpreted and accepted it – the go-to person when something needs to be regularized on paper. Often I would receive liberty to decide, though sometimes I just have to, what these papers would or should contain. Under this capacity and opportunity, I am at ease to say that I have been – by initiative and often by chance – the proponent, author, or partner of many changes that brought diversity in the department. Many were proposals that sought adjustments or improvements in technical support procedures, most especially in RT, monitoring and reporting, and configuration standards. Some thought of them good, some bad. To this day, 2 more proposals, where I outlined the underlying problems affecting asset management and system deployment, are still waiting endorsement.

I am greatly indebted to my department head for the empowerment and to my fellow engineers for the support in these and all.

However, I observed that these kinds of work that I do seem to have an embedded intangible property coming from an engineer like me, and being from the Department I currently belong. Therefore, regardless of how one looks at it, the apparent issue about my inclination is that it had steered me away from what is really expected of my title. And before diversity become indifference, contribution into liability, and potential into problem, I have to find a new camp.

I wish to bring the same innovative ways and the zeal to see things more organized and harmonized to the Business Process Reengineering Division, which I hope would find my intention sincere, my background acceptable, and would find for me a more suitable and compatible position.

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,


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